Bring Back THE WORLD to Life

Bring Back THE WORLD to Life Being at a height of 4210 ft above sea level, surrounded by lush green forests, it becomes the perfect spot for people to explore nature and be at a pleasant hill station. It’s equivalent to the height of Mahabaleshwar, and yet requires only half the travel time from Mumbai. Enter The MAGICAL WOLD Of Unforgettable (enchanting/mesmerizing) WATERFALLS Jamunda Hill has the most magical waterfalls for relaxation and fun, it is ideal for those looking to get away from the clutter of the city- to slow down, rejuvenate, and simply be! SOLITUDE by the LAKE Mesmerized by the singing steam of Bhavali dam as it flows though the lush mountains, one can’t help but enter a completely different world... into the world of “solitude”